Tree conservation and protection

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Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

A Tree Preservation Order (TPO) is issued by us, the local planning authority to protect specific trees, groups of trees or woodlands because it is in the interests of the wider community.

When a TPO is issued, residents with land next to the protected trees will be informed via a hand delivered letter from the local planning authority. The TPO is then put in place temporarily for six months and a consultation period launched.

The consultation will take place during the order’s first 28 days to allow any interested persons or groups to submit official comments. All valid written submissions received within the 28 days will be considered before confirming the TPO. Once confirmed, the TPO is made permanent. 

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Conservation areas

These are areas of special architectural or historic interest which require protection preserve their character or appearance. Trees make an important contribution to the appearance of conservation areas and so are given special protection. 

Permission is required for the pruning or felling of any tree within a conservation area with a stem diameter of equal to or greater than 7.5 centimetres as measured at 1.5 metres above ground level.

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Trees protected by planning

When planning permission is granted, we may require existing trees to be kept as a condition of the development, even if they are not protected by a TPO or in a conservation area. If a tree is located in the grounds of a property that was built or extended within the last five years, it may be protected by planning condition.

Enforcement for protected trees

Works conducted without our consent on trees protected by a TPO or within a conservation area is an offence and you may be fined. 

Find out how we enforce illegal trees works.

More information

Read the government’s guidance on Tree Preservation Orders and trees in conservation areas.