Tree strategy and policies

To report a dangerous tree on or next to the roadside and public highway, complete the Surrey County Council Highways online reporting form or call 0300 200 1003.

Trees are a fundamental part of both the urban and rural environment. We are responsible for management and protection of over 700 Tree Preservation Orders and 32 conservation areas within the borough.

Our tree strategy recognises the importance and benefits of trees, including mitigating the effects of climate change such as reducing flooding risks and the ‘urban heat island effect’, and lowering pollution levels. 

The strategy aims to guide future planning for the borough’s tree population and ensure a consistent, high quality approach is taken to tree management across the area. It also provides a reference for the management and maintenance of the borough’s tree population both in private and public areas.

It is designed to provide guidance to those whose activities bring them into contact with trees and ensure that best practice is followed, including contractors, elected members, operational and policy officers, arboriculturalists, landscape designers and property developers.

The accompanying tree management policies document highlights issues and management plans associated with both urban and woodland trees. It also encompasses both privately and publicly owned trees, which form part of the wider natural environment.

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