Air quality

The air quality in our borough is generally good. We carry out regular reviews to check current levels of pollutants and review predicted future levels against the government's health-based standards. 

Air quality is monitored by taking readings on how much nitrogen dioxide (NO2) is in the air. To do this we have nitrogen dioxide diffusion tubes located throughout the borough which are changed on a monthly basis. 

Every year, a report on whether the air quality within the Woking area meets the national air quality standards. This is submitted to the Department for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA) for their approval.

Read our recent reports:

Air quality assessments

Areas not expected to meet the government's standards are declared Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs). Once an AQMA has been declared, we have to produce a plan to outline what steps we could take to get pollution down to within the government standard.

We currently have one AQMA within Woking borough along a section of Guildford Road, which was declared in 2017. 

The AQMA for Anchor Hill in Knaphill was revoked in April 2023.

Read our latest AQMA reports:

More information on where AQMAs have been declared in Surrey and the country at large can be obtained from DEFRA.