Statement: Response to government offer of financial support


Thursday, 29 February, 2024

Cllr Ann-Marie Barker, Leader of Woking Borough Council, said: “Yesterday I responded to a letter from the Minister for Local Government, Simon Hoare, accepting the Government support package that allows us to set a budget, subject to agreement of Council on Monday 4 March 2024.

“Having reviewed the letter with statutory officers, I am satisfied that it provides Woking Borough Council with the support required to finalise the budget as set out in the council report, including the statutory Section 25 statement on the robustness and legality of the budget.

“The conditions outlined in the letter aligns with the work already being undertaken as part of Improvement and Recovery Plan on asset rationalisation, debt reduction and improved commercial governance.

“It is important to understand that work must continue to minimise the council’s debts before Government will consider appropriate action that will address long-term residual debt.

“My administration welcomes the Government’s support and remains committed to working alongside Commissions and Government to find a lasting resolution to our complex and challenging financial situation.”

Read the Minister for Local Government’s letter