Conditions of use blue badge holder car park access

We offer blue badge holders concessionary parking in Woking town centre car parks whether you are driving or are a passenger in a car.

A (proximity) card is provided that will open the car park barriers on entry and exit in the Victoria Place and Brewery Road car parks. An access sticker applied to the blue badge opens the exit barrier in Victoria Way and the blue badge must be displayed in Heathside Crescent.

This concession is available to the blue badge holder only and only when that person is present in the vehicle.  It is an offence for the proximity card / blue badge access sticker to be used by anyone without the blue badge Holder being present. If this happens, the concession will immediately cease and the authority issuing the blue badge may be notified.

If the proximity card / access sticker is not available when using the car parks, the daily/hourly charge will have to be paid. No refund of any parking charges so incurred will be made.

Vehicles must not be parked in bays marked ‘permit holders only’, ‘authorised vehicles only’, ‘reserved’ or any other specially designated bay other than a blue badge holder bay or bay not specified for any use other than public parking.

You must reapply when you renew your blue badge. Access is valid for the duration of the blue badge and will cease working on the expiry date of the current blue badge.

Please keep a record of the proximity card number (found in the bottom right hand corner) as you will need to quote it should you lose the card, or in any communication with us concerning its use.

Please note:

  • Your vehicle must be parked wholly within bay markings.
  • You cannot park on any yellow line or hatchings or in any driving lane.
  • Your vehicle must not be left so that it causes any obstruction.
  • Failure to adhere to the conditions of use or car park regulations may make you liable to being issued with a penalty charge notice.
  • The Council reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withdraw concessionary access at any time, or immediately for any fraudulent use or misuse of the system.
  • You can use this facility 24hrs a day unless it is revoked for any reason, it is no longer required, or your entitlement ceases.

If a proximity card or blue badge with access sticker is lost, notify parking services in writing so that it can be cancelled and a replacement issued. Lost or stolen cards must first be reported to the Police and a lost property or crime reference obtained.

The proximity card remains the property of Woking Borough Council and if for any reason you do not renew it or your blue badge is rescinded, the card must be returned to Woking Borough Council, or a cost may be incurred. The council reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withdraw concessionary parking at any time upon giving one month’s notice.

The proximity card / access sticker is issued solely for your own use and must not be given to, lent to, or used by anyone unless you are accompanying them. Unauthorised use is likely to result in the withdrawal of this special access facility and the card / sticker will be deactivated.

Any change in details should be notified to the council in writing as soon as possible to ensure that all records are accurate.

The access sticker will break if you attempt to remove it from the card, if Woking Borough Council believes it has been deliberately tampered with, access will be withdrawn and no replacement access sticker will be provided until the blue badge is renewed on expiry of the current badge.

Proximity cards / access stickers are issued subject to the council’s order(s) relating to car parks in force at the time and the council reserves the right to vary such orders during the period of the subscription. Cars are parked at the owner’s/driver’s risk and the council accepts no liability for loss or damage to any vehicle or part thereof, nor will it accept liability for the death of or injury to any person(s) arising out of the use of the car park, save insofar as such death or injury is caused by the negligence of the authority, its servants or agents.

Blue badge holders registered to use the system are not guaranteed a space or a disabled bay.