Temporary road closures

A temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) must be made to allow road closures to take place. This includes temporary changes such as instigating or suspending a one-way system. Within Woking's town centre boundaries, issuing TTRO's is our responsibility.

Applicant's responsibilities:

  • To provide appropriate signage erected by Department for Transport approved personnel.
  • To provide approved advanced warning signage three weeks ahead of the TTRO.
  • To consider if any temporary bus suspensions are required.
  • To inform and/or consult with all people and groups affected by the closure.

A road can be closed for up to 18 months. A public right of way/public footpath/cycle track or byways open to all traffic (BOAT) may be closed of up to a maximum of six months. (This may be extended on application to the Secretary of State but would require exceptional reasons.) There must be a gap of three months between consecutive closures on the same length of road.

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How to apply

Apply for a TTRO

Applications must be submitted at least eight weeks before the TTRO is required.  This is to allow time for the order to be advertised, checked and processed.

Documents required

A detailed map of the proposed diversion route and a plan of the site must be submitted with your application. It must include all signage designs with the exact wording and locations at which they will be sited. In addition, a written description of the diversion route is required.

Proof of public liability insurance is required with a minimum cover of £5 million against third party risks. 

Fees and charges

There is a flat rate for a TTRO which covers the preparation of statutory orders and notices. In addition, the applicant must pay for the costs of the necessary two newspaper advertisements. 

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Email: town.centre@woking.gov.uk
Phone: 01483 755 855