Tell us if your circumstances change

If you receive Council Tax support or Housing Benefit, you must let us know if you move or your circumstances change. 

By not telling us straight away, we may pay you the wrong amount. This means you may lose out on the benefits you are entitled to or you may have to repay money if you have received too much.

If you do not tell us about a change in circumstances within a reasonable time you may be committing benefit fraud. 

Useful forms

You can use our online forms to report any changes.

Change of address 
Complete this form to report:

  • a change of address if you are an existing benefit claimant.

Change of circumstances
Complete this form to tell us about:

  • changes to your household
  • changes to your, or a member of your household's income, savings or investments
  • changes to things like your rent, periods away from your property (such as hospital stays and extended holidays), and moving homes.

For example, you need to tell us if your:

  • hourly rate of pay changes
  • the number of hours you work or are expected to work changes
  • change your job or role
  • if you stop work
  • you start a second or third job or start working regular overtime
  • you start or stop receiving Statutory Sick Pay,
  • Statutory Maternity Pay or Statutory Paternity Pay
  • you start or stop paying into a pension scheme
  • you receive a bonus.

You do not need to send payslips unless we either request them or one of the above has occurred. Where payslips cannot be provided, your employer can complete a certificate of earnings form to prove your earnings. 

If you are unsure, please email or call 01483 755855.

    Housing Benefit on two homes  
    Complete this form if you are:

    • an existing Housing Benefit claimant and had to move to a new address and there is an un-avoidable liability to pay rent on two homes. 

    Direct payment to landlord 
    Complete this form to request:

    • Housing Benefit payments to be paid direct to your landlord if certain circumstances apply.

    Declaration of ownership of second home  
    Complete this form to declare:

    • you own or have an interest in another property.